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service agreements tv commercials web design brochures billing inserts OnPoint Loyalty Rewards Program newsletters
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Keep your customers happier, year after year.

Happier Customers. Longer Relationships.
OnPoint offers greater flexibility and access for your rewards program

OnPoint FAQs

Offer Your Customers More with a Custom Rewards Program.

The credit card companies and banks do it. The supermarkets and pharmacies are doing it. The airlines, big-box retailers and online catalogs are doing it. Rewards programs offer additional value to the customer, and provide valid reasons for them to stay with your company. So why haven't you updated your loyalty/rewards program yet?


The Old Way vs. the OnPoint Way

If you're like most of our customers, you may have offered a loyalty program where the customer earned credits for some future big-ticket purchase every year they met your qualifications.

With OnPoint, you can offer your customers those same credits ... but can also offer gift certificates/credits to offset their monthly out-of-pocket expenses, incentives for smaller items or other diversified services, branded merchandise, third-party discounts - anything you can think of! Your customer sees the greater flexibility in how they use their credits as an additional value - and a good reason to stick around! You see more opportunities to get into the customer's home - for additional services, products, and installations.

You can also offer extra OnPoint rewards points for new customers, service plan enrollments, for connecting through Facebook or for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


OnPoint Benefits:

  • Daily calculations of rewards points
  • Automatic system frees up employees
  • Wide variety of options for rewards
  • Increases sales and services
  • Easy customer access via web portal
  • Customer choice in redemption options
  • Next-day availability of rewards points
  • Enhances your diversified services marketing
  • Bonus points at your discretion

OnPoint on Facebook

PriMedia has developed a Facebook app to update your customers' Facebook news feed every time they get rewards points. These updates will be seen by all their friends, creating a buzz about OnPoint rewards, and acting as an automatic recommendation for your company.
Click here to request a free OnPoint Demonstration!

OnPoint Offers More ...

OnPoint can set you apart from the competition in so many ways! In addition to providing greater customer service with a program that meets their needs, OnPoint meets your needs, too!
  • Added-value program attracts customers
  • Promotes other services with discount rewards
  • Increases positive word-of-mouth
  • Increases traffic to your company website
  • Reduces clerical time
  • Convenient 24/7 customer access
  • New customer bonuses
  • Referral bonuses
  • Marketing "code" bonus points

OnPoint Makes Your Life Easier ...

Want to promote a new service ... increase service/budget plan enrollments ... get more referrals? Simply log-in to your administrator area and add bonus points or rewards! Need to change the points values of existing rewards? Our user-friendly program makes it easy! Too busy to make the changes yourself? Simply call PriMedia to make the updates!* OnPoint makes it easier for you and your customer!


Learn More!

Find out how to keep your customers happier, year after year. Call PriMedia today at 800-796-3342 or click here for your OnPoint Rewards Presentation.

*Additional charges may apply