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search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

It's essential to operate a strong Web site these days, but it's not enough just to be present on the Internet. Even the most professional Web site can't attract new customers to the company if it is not easy to locate.

The key to being found in the thicket that is the Internet is working effectively with key Internet resources. Google, Yahoo and the other search engines set the rules that the smart sites follow. When a Web-savvy potential customer is looking for a new company, they go to a search engine and enter specific search terms, or ad words, usually relating to the service they want and their locale. When the search engine returns results, it is essential that your company's Web site appear near the top.

There are two ways to improve your site's performance in Internet search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). As the plumbing, heating and cooling industry's Internet pioneer, PriMedia helps clients leverage these technologies to gain prominence in Web searches. Our Internet experts understand the intricacies of search and know how to use keywords and meta tags to improve a site's Search Engine Quality Score.

We also are experts in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which places a link to a company Web site at or near the top of paid search results. We formulate effective keyword combinations that consistently give our clients the visibility they need to attract new customers. A lot of plumbing companies love pay-per-click because of the control it affords them. For example, they can decide exactly how much to spend per day, week or month, and they can limit the display of their ads to Internet users in specific ZIP codes only.

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